About Science Classes

E-content provided here is for class XI students. It is a method of teaching which resembles a lesson.

The E-content is developed in such a way that you can learn all by yourself. But it is not to be just read like book. You have to work through it.

The material is divided into sections. Each section has its own purpose and utility.

Section 1 named as ‘Objectives’ deals with the instructional objectives to be achieved for a particular topic.

Section 2 named as ‘Text’ provides you with the subject matter for a particular topic to be teached.

Section 3 named as ‘Audio/Video’ provides you with the audio, video and animation for a particular topic for better understanding.

Section 4 named as ‘Assignment’ asks multiple choice questions related to the topic which you have to respond by clicking at one option out of 4 options provided. If you click on correct option you will automatically proceed to next question, but in case of wrong response, the same question (for which you have answered wrong) will appear.

Let’s get started.